Introducing: All-Tweet Teams!

Nazr Mohammed is many things: dependable, professional, competent. But he just might have to add inspirational to that list after his tweet to me this afternoon set my creative juices flowing and resulted in a brand-new concept: All-Tweet Teams.

The idea is simple enough. You create an ultimate roster of NBA players past, present, and future with one stipulation: all team members must have tweeted at or retweeted you in order to be in your lineup. And no, when Kevin Durant thanks all his fans for their support this season, that doesn’t count. It has to be specifically and personally directed or related to you.

Here’s my team thus far:

C – Nazr Mohammed

PF – None

SF – Jeff Green

SG – Thabo Sefolosha

PG – None

So now I ask you, who would be on your All-Tweet Team? If the answer is nobody, then get tweeting at your favourite players! One other rule before you send #countonkobe 100 tweets about how he can #countonyou if he’ll only retweet you: a maximum of 12 players on an All-Tweet Team roster, for the sake of comparison.

Good luck! Post your rosters in the comments below, and keep reading the blog for updates in the future!


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