Rumor: Rudy Gay to the Raptors; A good thing?

Well, enjoy this while you can as this will be my first and last blog post EVER on the ineptitude of the sinkhole organization that I like to call the Toronto Raptors. Even though I have an obvious hatred for the way in which the franchise has been run for the last 5-7 years of its existence, I once used to consider myself a ‘fan’ on this organization when they were actually fun to watch and run like a successful NBA franchise. Currently, rumors have been circulating around the Toronto Raptors for the last month insinuating that Bryan Colangelo has been coveting a trade for seven-year swing-man Rudy Gay. Of course, all news regarding a potential trade for Rudy Gay has been pure speculation driven by many media outlets so take much of the information you hear or read with a grain of salt. Although Legion Sports (which is a good follow for those who have twitter) has been known to be an authentic media outlet for NBA breaking news such as trades, updates, and rumors tweeted out this a few hours ago.

As of right, many individuals within Raptor Nation seem to be negatively running rabid at the thought of acquiring Rudy Gay in a potential trade for Jose Calderon and Ed Davis combination. So let me just throw my two cents which I know my fellow contributors will heavily disagree with but what the hell.

Rudy Gay is obviously not some sort of savior for the current roster of the Toronto Raptors and he does possess a very poor contract with a long term, but trading Jose Calderon and Ed Davis for hypothetically Rudy Gay and Darrell Arthur (Rock Chalk) will only greatly improve the team for the future. If the Toronto Raptors organization wants to consistently make the playoffs, Ed Davis should never ever be considered to be starting as a PF let alone getting worthy minutes for any team that wants to compete in the playoffs. I’ve never been a big fan of Davis all the way back to his days with Roy Williams at the University of North Carolina and felt as though he left a year too early before he fully could have improved his post skills and developed an NBA body, but hey, the man is making millions of dollars playing a sport, so who could blame him? But there’s no denying that Davis is a heavily underside 4-man in today’s NBA who’s not quick enough to guard a wing and not big enough to guard a true PF in the league today. I won’t even get into the fact that Davis has limited post moves in that he I’ve never truly seen him go up with his right hand in all the four years I have been watching him. In my opinion, a guy like Ed Davis is an easily replaceable player at the NBA level which I’m really none too worried about considering the Raptors have the luxury of having a guy like Amir Johnson come off the bench who would easily be able to at least replace Davis’ level of production if not contain more value if he were to be given consistent playing time.

Now, let’s move on to the ineptitude of Jose Calderon. I’ve never seen a more asinine situation where a general manger trades a 1st and a 2nd rounder three months ago for a particular player which is this case is Kyle Lowry and plays him off the bench with limited opportunities. Casey and Colengelo need to commit to Lowry because for one, DID ANYONE SEE THE MAN PLAY FOR HOUSTON WHEN HE ACTUALLY GOT PLAYING TIME?!??!? Definitely performed at an elite level and could be considered one of the best PG’s in the league with regards to his overall efficiency. Secondly, it’s actually refreshing to see a point guard in a Toronto Raptors uniform that contains the ability to guard his own shadow. We would have to go back to 2005 and the greatness of Mike James before anyone could say that again. Let me just take some time to rejuvenate your memory of how great that 2005 Toronto Raptors squad was (Man, I loved Matt Bonner so much!)

Back to Calderon, I’m sick of seeing guards turn the corner at will on Jose for the last 8 years. Getting rid of Calderon albeit sucks for those damn Spanairds that latched onto the bandwagon back in 2006 is such an obvious addition by subtraction that I feel like I’m taking crazy pills that I’m the only one that might actually see it.

Now on to Rudy Gay, who’s obviously having a horrific year and it seems pretty apparent that he’s playing to get the hell out of Memphis right now. Now I realize that in terms of efficiency, Rudy has been awful this year, in fact one of the worst players in the league with regards to EFG% (right behind Waiters) but you can’t seriously disregard his previous 4 seasons in Memphis. Now you’ll have the people that bring up BC’s past moves saying,” oh this is just a quick fix, look at Turk. He turned out to be a bonafide scrub.” Well fuck, comparing Hedo Turkoglu to Rudy Gay is probably the most laughable thing I’ve ever heard considering they’re two completely different players. We’ll save the mishandling of Turk for another day but my god, in my opinion Gay is a lock-down defender that would be a nice piece for this roster to build around and totally take pressure off of Demar DeRozan which is very necessary for his overall development as a player.
I just want to point one thing out before you all call me a Bryan Colangelo apologist as I am far from it. I’ve been the biggest advocate of the Raptors becoming tank nation for as long as I can remember but let’s all gather some perspective when looking at this situation, why would an NBA exec try to perform a total tank job when the turnover of jobs in this league is beyond outrageous. From my perspective, I wouldn’t sit there waiting to be axed while I try to build a team through the draft especially if I had already traded all my picks for the upcoming draft away. Not many NBA franchises have the patience and the knowledge to build a team of elite players through the draft especially ones run by the likes of the sinkhole GM of Bryan Colangelo.

Overall, I think a starting 5 of Lowry, Derozan, Gay and nice FA big (or maybe trade for Pau Gasol when the fucking Lakers implode; but I’ll leave that for Serge to address for another day) and Jonas with a complimentary wings and big-men that aren’t all that bad is really a 42+ win team in which would probably finish between 6th an 8th in the. From a fans perspective, I would rather sit in that echelon of the league by potentially making this trade than continue on the current path Colangelo has for this sad sack even treadmill-like organization.

About the Author, Michael Gray: 

Baseball and basketball enthusiast as well as a former baseball blogger of my beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Expect some Midwest bias in most of my writing as I’m currently a Junior at The University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! You can follow him on twitter at @Jays_Fan2. 


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