Does Rondo even care?

As I listen to my friend cry about how he no longer dominates the assists category in his fantasy pool due to the fact that he had Chris Paul (who is still injured) and now Rondo blew out his ACL, I can’t help but think: Does Rondo even care? Sometimes you watch basketball players getting paid millions of dollars to play a game that I still have to pay $30 a semester to play once a week and you wonder “do they even enjoy playing ball?”. Rondo is one of those players. I have never seen him smile or even look like he is happy. Rondo only cares about ball from a professional standpoint. He is clearly not as driven in games that are not nationally televised as seen on Friday where his +/- was -20 against mediocre guards in Jeff Teague and Devin Harris.

His suspension for bumping an official and his subsequent response really made it clear that Rajon cares very little about playing. For those that missed it:

Rondo will get his $11 million this year, go to Mexico, watch the Celtics struggle without a viable option at the point, check out the Dominican, rehab his knee, hit up Barbados, rehab his knee some more, come back and help the Celtics win some games, make his $13 million his final year, then he will use the time they struggled without him as leverage in contract negotiations where he will get $15+ million.  I hear St. Lucia is beautiful this time of year.



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