Wednesday Links

Because the internet is a big place, and you probably missed something. declares Chris Bosh the king of photobombs. My takeaway: Chris would make a great stalker. He’s a 6’11” NBA Champion and they still never see him coming. Hide yo kids.

-James Herbert got to spend some time with the upstart Golden State Warriors. They seem like a loose bunch, and it’s hard not to root for Mark Jackson.

-Greg Oden is attempting a comeback, possibly with the Cavaliers, and we wish him all the best. Back in 2008, the thought of pairing Oden with somebody like Kyrie Irving would have blown up the NBA rumor mill. After a seemingly endless string of surgeries, the #1 overall pick gloss has all but disappeared, and now even a healthy half-season would be a huge win for Greg.

-Former Sonic Vin Baker is suing his adviser for mismanaging his $86 million dollars, or as Vin knows it, 12 million six packs. I feel like we’d have more sympathy for Vin if he hadn’t so obviously self-destructed, and turned a productive career into yet another cautionary tale.

-Over on the Grantland Channel, Jalen Rose declares the Dwight Howard experiment officially over, calling for the Lakers and Hawks to get together on a Howard-Horford swap. This only makes sense if A: The Lakers feel Howard will bolt over the summer, or B: That his back issues mean his days as a top-5 player have already passed. Otherwise, you always regret trading the elite big.

-Not NBA-related, but Deadspin has the scoop on Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s interview with Doctor Phil, and, well… I think we all thought that the Manti Te’o story couldn’t possibly get any weirder, right? We were wrong.

-I’d just like to say it’s a pleasure to write for this fine new site, and I look forward to growing with these other fellas. Hopefully, we can  become part of your daily routine.

-Finally, in honor of this all-time great NBA commercial, the music for today’s column is provided by Curtis Mayfield. Enjoy your day.


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