Tuesday Links


Because the internet is a big place, and you probably missed something.

-Dwight Howard sat down for an “Extended Conversation” with Stephen A. Smith to discuss his health and his future, and the news is rather ominous: Dwight called his back “75%” healed, said his shoulder is “day-to-day” and added that just sitting down for a few minutes at a time “is causing my legs to go numb”. Howard purportedly sought the interview in an effort to reduce the circus-like atmosphere that has surrounded the Lakers this entire season. With such a grim diagnosis, a few pointed barbs at Kobe Bryant, and no contract extension in hand, D12 has managed only to exacerbate the situation.

-T-Wolves radio man John Focke talked to a few players about the meaning of jersey numbers. Nikola Pekovic is a man who doesn’t waste time sweating the details: “Every club, wherever I was going, they got a free number, what’s free number? Fourteen, then I go to Greece, what’s free number? Number 14. I said, ‘Okay I’ll take it.'”

-Don’t start digging your Shawn Kemp throwback out of the closet yet: A few critical flies in the ointment are making it less and less of a certainty that basketball in Sacramento is dead. It seems that the Maloofs (Tweedledee and Tweedlejackass), in selling the team to a group of Seattle investors, may have reneged on an obscure clause in their contract with the city of Sacramento that allows Kings minority investors the chance to match any offer. With the help of Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson (who seems to spend 95% of his time mayor-ing on the Kings), these minority investors seem poised to both match the Seattle group’s offer AND finally cut a deal with the city for a new arena. There’s been more will-they-or-won’t-they in this saga than Ross and Rachel, so this probably isn’t the last twist we’ll see. For instance, David J. Stern seems hellbent on returning basketball to Seattle as a sort of mea culpa before he rides off into the sunset, and what Stern wants, Stern usually gets. Still, the future of professional basketball in Sacramento just got a little bit brighter.

-Tweet #FANNIGHTVOTE and DEN/TOR to get the Raptors some national TV exposure this time next week. Because Denver is awesome, and because these Raps might finally be worth your time again.

-The teams for the Rookie/Sophomore game will be selected by Charles and Shaq on TNT this Thursday night. Nothing to add to this; it’s just a fantastic spectacle.

-Looking to add a little spice to your next game of pick-up hoops? Gary Payton is available. For only $2,500 an hour, he can give you and your friends an ass-kicking you’ll never forget. If you harbored any regrets about not pursuing your basketball dreams and trying to make the pros, Gary will spend an hour showing you that becoming an accountant was the right decision. Or, for a paltry $5,000 (plus tickets), Gary will accompany you to an NBA game. Comes with a 3-hour window to convince Gary to be your best friend, because if you had any other friends you’d probably just invite them for free.

-Finally, in honor of Michael Beasley’s epic DUI, the music for today’s column is brought to you by Bad Meets Evil. Enjoy your day.


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