Thursday Links


Because the internet is a big place, and you probably missed something.

-Nepotism, thy name is Billy Hunter: The NBA’s long-time union chief has been placed on indefinite leave (Read: Fired), two weeks after an NBPA-commissioned report on his questionable practices was released.  The two main issues seem to be Hunter’s $3-million dollar salary, which never faced the proper approval process, and his propensity for giving family members important, and lucrative, jobs within the player’s association. Hunter tried to save his job by firing his daughter and daughter-in-law, but it wasn’t enough for the players. Derek Fisher, whom Hunter attempted to purge when the details of his improprieties first emerged, will help form a temporary executive committee while the search for a replacement begins. Their first choice: The Bettman and Selig boogeyman, Donald Fehr.

-A fan in Philadelphia bought 18 tickets to last night’s Sixers-Pacers game for $.72, or $.04 cents a piece. Each ticket paid for 0.0000000003% of Danny Granger’s $13,000,000 salary. You could invite Gary Payton to fill one of those seats and it’d still only cost $5,000.72.

-Cathal Kelly calls out Raptors fans on their less-than-enthusiastic reception for Andrea Bargnani during his return from injury against the Celtics last night. The boos were inevitable, because Andrea has become the primary whipping-boy for all the woes of the Colangelo era: A botched #1-pick who never seemed to tap into his enormous potential, the centerpiece of Toronto’s new Euro-centric identity who never learned to rebound, and one more overpaid stiff on a perennially underachieving roster. The boo-birds will keep coming, but it was never entirely Andrea’s fault. I still see him becoming an overqualified sixth-man on a contender down the road, a kind of Dirk-lite on offense with a team that doesn’t need him to rebound or defend.

-Amar’e Stoudemire credits a vegan diet for his post-surgery resurgence, saying that “it purifies the red blood cells and eliminates toxins”. I’m pretty sure that’s a load of crap, but I’m even more sure that the belief that all those toxins are being flushed out provides more than enough of a placebo effect. By the way, where are all these toxins coming from? Iran? The Internet? Did they worry so much about toxins a hundred years ago? So many questions; I’m gonna talk to my psychic/astrologer/best friend.

-Our long national nightmare is finally over:

-Finally, in honor of Captain Canada’s 39th birthday, the music for today’s column is brought to you by another iconicanuck, Neil Young. Enjoy your day.


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