UFC 156: Missed Opportunities and Bad Game Plans

Hey guys this is my first of many UFC reviews so keep a lookout after every event. I will be giving a rating out of 10 for each fight, 10 being a fight I have already watched 3 times before writing this.

Joseph Benavidez v. Ian McCall
Well this fight was a pretty good scrap. Although I think it is getting ridiculous with these lower weight classes I am glad to see some good fights out of them. Benavidez may only be the only 125lb fighter I will watch, just because he has the heaviest hands by far in that category. Benavidez clearly won, it was only a matter of how many rounds did he win by. Like most fights in these lower weight classes they were a stand up fight where one guy clearly is getting the upper hand and the other wants to take the other down. Too bad they are all way too good at scrambling so no one can control from the top. Benavidez actually rocked him in the first round too! Too bad he couldn’t finish it, but at least he tried.


Jon Fitch v. Demian Maia

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FITCH?! I cannot believe that he got literally out fitch’d. Yes that’s a thing, confirmed by Wikipedia. He got controlled on the ground for all 3 rounds by Maia. This fight was not close at all. At no point did anyone around me think that Fitch had even scored a point let alone a round win. Just to make this clear this fight was 100% boring, just funny to anyone that has seen Fitch do this to people on numerous occasions. If Fitch tried to fight like himself and not try to out game plan everyone he would have done much better.


Antonio Silva v. Alistair Overeem

This was the upset of the night for sure. Big foot looked terrible for the first round and a half. Alistair was making him look silly. The problem was that Overeem’s cardio was sup-par. So Overeem was trying (and succeeding) to get takedowns. This confused me. If you know your cardio is not the greatest and the other fighter’s credentials on the feet do not even come close to yours why on earth are you trying to take him down? Use your ridiculous power to take him out fast. He ended up paying for this when Big foot managed to catch Overeem while he was clowning/gassed and knocked him completely out. This was not really a win for Big Foot but a loss for Overeem. Now Overeem is totally screwed for a title shot until he can prove he is not a total meltdown in big fights. The only thing worth watching again was the knockout. The fight itself is too frustrating for me to watch again.


Rashad Evans v. Antonio Nogueira

I will not beat around the bush. This fight was awful. Rashad Evans has once again surprised me and decided to not try and score takedowns, while seemingly doing NOTHING AT ALL on the feet. I don’t know how fighters expect to win when they have terrible game plans.

“Ok Rashad, we are going to go out there, and were going to…. Compete….ish…… I don’t care that his only 2 losses in the UFC are to division 1 wrestlers that only have wrestling as a skill. We will NOT take him down, and we will respect his hands too much. Go out there and don’t throw any punches or kicks. Go show up Rashad, just show up.”

Next time Rashad fights I am going to use that time to go to the washroom. Terrible.


Jose Aldo v. Fankie Edgar

Jose Aldo finds himself in another 5 round battle against a really tough guy. This one was a little different. I don’t really think that Aldo won 4 of the 5 rounds, but he definitely won the fight. The scoring by the judges had a Machida v Shogun 1 vibe. Since the challenger didn’t necessarily win the round they give it to the champion. Aldo landed some HUGE leg kicks earlier in the fight, but eventually every time he went for a leg kick Frankie would time it perfectly and land a takedown. Aldo, being a black belt was never on his back too long. Frankie was not able to use his better cardio as well as he wanted to, and his game plan ultimately backfired as he didn’t do enough early to win any of the rounds. This was a great fight though and I’m really glad someone was able to challenge Aldo, because we all know Pettis wont.



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