Friday Links


Because the internet is a big place, and you probably missed something.

-The Bulls and Raptors are reportedly considering a Carlos Boozer-Andrea Bargnani swap. The Bulls would gain some financial flexibility and upgrade their sub-par three-point shooting, while the Raptors would finally get the front court piece they’ve been looking for since first talking to the Lakers about Pau Gasol last year. It would seem to make a lot of sense for both sides.  The main scuttlebutt seems to be the Raptors’ reluctance to add even more payroll after Rudy Gay sent them dangerously close to the luxury tax territory. In a vacuum, a Boozer deal would be a clear win for the Raptors on the court; however, is it enough to realistically turn them into contenders? Probably not, meaning the cap problems it would cause should be a deal-breaker. Because what’s the point of putting together a 45-win team that’s impossible to tinker with?

-Adrian Wojnarowski tells Kobe and Dwight they should have listened to their guts telling them they’d make terrible teammates instead of pulling the trigger and just kinda hoping it would work out. Nobody thought this marriage would work out swimmingly right out of the gate. You’ve got the league’s alpha dog, and the most competitive man since Michael Jordan, paired with this guy:


However, the Hindenburg-level disaster that is the Lake Show is still shocking, even this late in the season. Kobe spent the day trying to backtrack from comments critical of Dwight’s toughness in dealing with a torn labrum. The fact is, nothing D12 does from this point on is going to satisfy Kobe. He’s measured Dwight up and found him lacking. A quickie divorce may be the only viable option.

-Dick slappin’s Blake’s game.

I sincerely hope that’s his new post move.

-Kevin Garnett became the 16th player in NBA history to reach 25,000 points, which makes me feel really old. Kobe Bryant looked over his shoulder for half a second, then turned his attention back to Michael.

-Zach Randolph is no longer on the block, which…well.. it begs the question, why the hell was he on the block in the first place? What was Memphis’s thought process? You’ve got a 5th-place team in the loaded West, they aren’t getting any younger, and there’s no way you’re getting value for value in any Z-Bo trade. I’m guessing their cap woes were such that if Toronto hadn’t swooped in and taken Rudy Gay off their hands, Grizz owner Robert Pera would have channeled his inner Sarver and forced a bad deal to save a few sheckels.

-Finally, in honor of the historic snowstorm that’s making it more and more likely I won’t be leaving the house today, Loverboy’s gonna help me call it an early weekend. Enjoy your snow day.


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