A.S.S. Weekly NCAA Top 25

Here’s a laughable attempt at ranking the top 25 teams in college basketball after a week in which fourteen previous top 25 teams lost. Enjoy!

1.       Indiana (21-3)
Best Wins: (@Ohio St., Michigan, Michigan St.)

2.       Michigan (21-3)
Best Wins: (Ohio St., Kansas St., Pittsburgh)

3.       Miami FL (19-3)
Best Wins: (Duke, Michigan State, @North Carolina St.)

4.       Duke (21-2)
Best Wins: (Louisville, Ohio St., Kentucky)

5.       Florida (19-3)
Best Wins: (Wisconsin, Mississippi, Marquette)

6.       Syracuse (20-3)
Best Wins: (@Louisville, @San Diego St., Cincinnati)

7.       Michigan St. (20-4)
Best Wins: (Kansas, @Wisconsin, Ohio St.)

8.       Gonzaga (23-2)
Best Wins: (Kansas St., @Oklahoma St., Baylor)

9.       Kansas (19-4)
Best Wins: (@Ohio St., @Kansas St., Baylor)

10.   Arizona (20-3)
Best Wins: (Florida, Miami FL, San Diego St.)

11.   Kansas St. (19-4)
Best Wins: (Florida, Oklahoma St., @Oklahoma)

12.   Ohio St. (17-6)
Best Wins: (Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa)

13.   Louisville (19-5)
Best Wins: (Pittsburgh, Marquette, Kentucky)

14.   Pittsburgh (20-5)
Best Wins: (Syracuse, @Cincinnati, @Georgetown)

15.   Butler (20-4)
Best Wins: (Gonzaga, Indiana, Marquette)

16.   Oklahoma St. (17-5)
Best Wins: (@Kansas, Baylor, North Carolina St.)

17.   Colorado St. (19-4)
Best Wins: (UNLV, @Denver, Wyoming)

18.   New Mexico (20-4)
Best Wins: (@Cincinnati, Colorado St., @Indiana St.)

19.   Georgetown (17-4)
Best Wins: (Louisville, UCLA)

20.   Creighton (20-5)
Best Wins: (Wisconsin, @California, @Illinois St.)

21.   Wisconsin (17-7)
Best Wins: (Michigan, @Indiana, @Illinois)

22.   Wichita St. (20-5)
Best Wins: (Creighton, @VCU)

23.   Memphis (20-3)
Best Wins: (@Southern Mississippi, Ohio)

24.   San Diego St. (18-5)
Best Wins: (New Mexico, Colorado St., UCLA)

25.   Kentucky (17-6)
Best Wins: (@Mississippi, @Texas A&M)

About the Author, Michael Gray: 

Baseball and basketball enthusiast as well as a former baseball blogger for my beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Expect some Midwest bias in most of my writing as I’m currently a Junior at The University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! You can follow him on twitter at @Jays_Fan2. 


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