History in the Making

I did not see myself doing this, having already written a LeBron article, but I just can’t resist. As we go into the All-Star break, the Heat are rolling and James is on a historical pace right now making a very strong case for another MVP trophy. For an ex LeBron hater, this is a big deal. And I am here to apologize for all and pledge allegiance to the James (I’m still the Kobe fan I used to be despite that). But don’t get it twisted, the man still gets the most phantom calls in the NBA.

But let’s talk about the good. As we hit the break, LeBron is doing something that is unheard off for someone in his position. He is on a six game streak where he scored 30 points or more. On that’s own, it just sounds like a day at the office for players like Kobe and Durant, but the other stat, that makes this feat mind blowing is the 60%+ FG that he is doing it at.

You’ve probably read a multitude of articles on this already, but that’s only because of how special this is. Even so, I will keep this short and sweet (3 paragraphs or less).

I could argue that LeBron gets preferential treatment, one can argue that he bullies people, but I won’t stoop that low. I will simply admit that the man defies what was previously thought impossible. What he is doing is being smart with his shot selection, waiting to get the ball in all the right places and take advantage of terrible match-ups. It’s not all post either, he has a decent mix of mid-range and even 3PT displays in that same stretch (4-5 from downtown against the Clippers). It’s just a man zeroed in.

What LeBron shows is not simply that he is a physical freak of nature, but that he understand the game of basketball like no one else and he is able to maximize that understanding. Watch him move, the way he shakes off defenders, finds open spots on the floor and out positions everyone who dares guard him. It’s unbelievable.

But despite all of the point hooplah, I find other things even more impressive. Even when he pours in 30+, James is still able to get his assists in, with the low in the 6 game stretch coming in at four. The other numbers are: 5,6,7,8 and 9. He’s also rebounding at a rate of 6.6 per game. Please let that marinate for a second. He is averaging 30, 6, 6 + over this stretch. Analysts say it’s historic to go 25, 5, 5 no matter the FG. LeBron blows those numbers out of the water.

Simply put, this is further proof that LeBron is the most complete player on the planet right now (active). Yes, Durant has a sort of scoring efficiency people drool over but when it comes to packaging everything a player should be into a 6’8″, 250LBS frame there is no other option.

If you hate on LeBron in this day and age… You just don’t know basketball. It’s time for people to get over all of the gripes like I have and just enjoying history in the making.


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