Wednesday Links


Because the internet is a big place, and you probably missed something.

-How about those new-look Raptors? The much-maligned Rudy Gay trade is looking pretty solid after… okay, a couple of weeks, but still! Meanwhile…

-This just in: Hedo Turkoglu proves definitively that steroids do not work for basketball players. David Stern to end drug testing program sometime next week.

-Projected #1 overall pick Nerlens Noel of Kentucky tore his ACL on Tuesday night vs. Florida and will miss the remainder of the season. Ben McLemore of Kansas could move up, depending on who wins the lottery, although as Kyrie Irving has shown, sometimes it’s best to ignore an in-season injury and just take the best player anyway. Over at SBNation, Tom Ziller takes Billy Hunter to task for allowing the NBA to institute an age minimum back in 2005, a decision which could end up costing Noel a lot of money. I’d be okay with the age limit if college players could earn just a tiny piece of all the revenue they generate.

-Here’s Will Ferrell kicking Shaq out of a Lakers game, one of those sentences you never imagine yourself having to write.

-Cavs blog Fear The Sword posted a defense of Kyrie Irving’s…. defense. The numbers are better than expected, and it does appear that Kyrie’s defensive woes are a bit overblown, but then there’s this: “Irving’s biggest issue is that he just forgets to get up on his man tight while watching the ball.” Now, I’m a big believer in the capacity for self-improvement, especially amongst elite talents, but I’ve also seen enough players not “get it” on defense to know that it’s usually a lost cause. There’s enough natural instinct involved in defense and rebounding that if you aren’t showing the right tendencies at this point, then you probably just don’t have it.

-Brandon Jennings reportedly wants out of Milwaukee, citing “irreconcilable differences” like many a jilted lover before him. I think we all saw this coming ever since Jennings started publicly pining for a bigger market. His new agent, Jeff Schwartz, specializes in selling his clients on the financial benefits of plying your trade in a New York or Los Angeles. While none of those preferred markets have anywhere near the cap room to offer Jennings the max deal he wants on the open market (and doesn’t deserve, if the Ty Lawson and Jrue Holliday deals are any indication), as Dwight Howard has shown, a player and agent agitating (and bitching, and moaning) in unison will eventually get their way. Time for Knicks fans to play with the trade machine.

-Finally, in honor of….. Fuck it, I’ve got nothing. Here’s some Pearl Jam. Enjoy your day.


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