New Mexico: Where’s the Love?

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Fresno State

As I sit here having watched yet another night of basketball (man was Stephen Curry scary tonight), I ponder as to why New Mexico isn’t getting any national media love when it comes to a potential #1 seed when it comes to March. Currently they sit as a #3 seed in the Midwest in Joe Lunardi’s infamous mock bracket that he generates bi-weekly. Of course, this ranking was before their big win tonight at home against San Diego State but their resume speaks for itself especially if there’s teams on the 1-line like Florida, Michigan and Indiana going down every other night.

I mean, New Mexico isn’t the greatest advanced statistical team in the country with a 28 Ken Pomeroy rating going into tonight’s game, but with an 8-3 record vs. the top 50, 15-4 vs. top 100, top 5 RPI/SOS and no bad losses on their resume, how can they not receive a top seed in Dallas when it’s all said and done. Currently, the team is sitting at a 24-4 record with an incredible 11-2 record in conference with marquee wins against Cincinnati, UNLV, Connecticut, and Colorado State (twice). With their remaining schedule, the Lobos should finish conference 14-2 as they have three games left against Wyoming, Nevada and Air Force which should ultimately give them a #1 seed in my opinion. Looking at their losses, they’ve lost to 3 ranked teams on the road in St. Louis, San Diego State, and UNLV while also losing at home to a hot shooting South Dakota State team who could easily make a potential sweet 16 appearance come March depending on their match-ups  One of the things going against New Mexico is the fact that the Mountain West is rarely nationally televised as for the most part their thrown on CBS Sports or Fox Sports so I’m stuck having to watch most games online. The Mountain West Conference is the most underrated conference in the country as they’re potentially looking at an incredible 5 bids for a 9 team conference which seems accurate as Ken Pomeroy has their conference Pythagorean rating (which is based off the average offensive and defensive efficiency of all the teams in the conference) only behind the Big 10 and the Big East.

About the Author, Michael Gray: 

Baseball and basketball enthusiast as well as a former baseball blogger for my beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Expect some Midwest bias in most of my writing as I’m currently a Junior at The University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! You can follow him on twitter at @Jays_Fan2. 



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