An Entertaining Check In and Your Weather Forecast is….

Rain, and maybe a little more rain…. and just for some good measure, RAIN!  Last night vs the New York Steph Curry put on a performance for the ages against the New York Knicks 54 points and went 11-13 from three.  This is in real life, not in your NBA 2K association. The  Force is strong within this one, isn’t it Papa Dell?

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Despite the historic performance I do have to take issue with Steph laughing, joking and smiling about his own performance while his team struggled to try to get back in the game. I know it may be nitpicking but that kind of attitude is enough to make me question a player’s passion for the game. I’ve watched players like Kobe, and Lebron scowl their way to 4o+ points simply because their team can’t pull ahead, that sort of passion for the game is what makes the great ones great. Regardless, Steph is a young player with a bright future, I just hope I never have to see that kind of attitude again.

On a lighter note, this is GREAT:

As great as that last link might have been the idea of Dennis Rodman as an US ambassador for North Korea is 10 times better, and no I’m not joking:

Hall of Fame 2010, Nobel Peace prize 2013?

As absurd as it may seem I bet there are a lot of NBA players who wish their parents looked after them and their money the way that Klay Thompson’s do. Even though his dad is currently docking him allowance money for getting into last weeks fight vs the Pacers

The link to the small altercation can be found here:

If you look REALLY closely you may see a small child being tossed around in the scrum, don’t panic it’s not a fan it’s just Steph Curry.
On a hockey note I heard a bad back has sidelined Martin Brodeur, it’s better than a broken hip I suppose. 40-year-old Brodeur is double the age of many players in the league at this point.
Also, Brandon Prust, Dion Phaneuf will NOT fight you
For the rest of our  Toronto sports fans, Brett Vickers has sent us this lovely screen shot of Andrea Bargnani’s stats from his last 7 games as a Raptor. If you’re wondering why the playing time is so high,  I  understand.

Alright, sorry I didn’t have time for a more in-depth post today but  this should keep you all entertained for a little while. I have something big in the works,I don’t want to give too much away but…

I’m putting a  team together 
Check back soon
Ps. Here is the video of Blake Griffin laying some left handed Smackdown on Ian Mahinmi

PPS. Anyone else want to try and tell me the NBA never used to have athletes of the caliber we have now? You do? Ok well here is  a video of Bill Russel jumping over a guy from the foul line for a layup…. yes I mean clearing him.


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