Conduct Towards Towards Officials in NBA… You Gotta Be Kidding Me


Bad calls are a part of the game. They happen in all sports. It is not something that can be avoided. Referees are constantly ridiculed by fans, players and coaches just for doing their job.  Are they really to blame? They have been given a right to make calls based off of their own understanding of the rule book. Referees in the NBA clearly know what they are doing, or else they wouldn’t be there.

We the fans are allowed to show our displeasure. When the home team gets a fouled called against them that is clearly not a foul and is shown on the jumbo screen all you hear is boos. That is fair, because no one wants a bad call towards their favourite team. But the excessive tweets and whining is a little too far. Fans use the referees as a reason why their team is losing, when in reality it is in the team’s hands to win, not the referees. Sometimes you hear a coach or player say something about the referee publicly, but for the most part it is the fans who are talking about it.

Stan Van Gundy

I think the only time you will ever see a real problem with consistent bad calls is when a coach finally gets a technical. Most coaches in the NBA can keep their cool and can manage to talk to referees in a seemingly nice way. When a coach gets a technical they are usually jumping up and down yelling. Maybe even going onto the court, who knows? They are pissed off. Coaches are the only people that should get technical fouls. They are not the role models for the kids. I am almost positive no one wants to grow up to be like Stan Van Gundy (pictures above) , who looks way too much like Ron Jeremy.  It is up to the coaches and management to make sure the players aren’t in the referee’s faces constantly about every no-call.

The main point I am trying to get across here is that there has to be a certain level of understanding between the referees and the people involved in the game. The referees are impartial. The human eye in split seconds can only catch so much. The thing everyone needs to embrace is the fact there is human error. It is people making judgement calls. The game wouldn’t be the same if we had computer referees. If we have players acting like 5 year-olds because the referee didn’t see something that happened, what kind of message are we sending to the kids watching? Do we really want these players that are idolized by kids all over the world to be complaining to someone just because something didn’t go their way? If the NBA truly cares, (anyone who has NBA League Pass knows exactly what commercials I’m talking about) they will abolish all foolishness by players and make them just play the game.



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