Winners and Losers of the Trade Deadline

I apologize for the lack of activity as I’ve been nursing my own hockey injury (concussion), but I’m completing this piece as a bit of test to see how much I can write. So I apologize in advance if there are some grammatical errors.


Buffalo Sabres:

Although Buffalo was in selling mode, I would consider them a winner based on what they were able to get in return for their players. I felt like some teams, like the Calgary Flames, didn’t get enough for there assets (i.e. Iginla). Buffalo was able to amass Matt Hackett (top prospect), Johan Larsson (top prospect), Two 2013 1st Round Picks, One 2013 2nd Round Pick, Two 2014 2nd Round Picks, One 2015 2nd Round Picks, along with a couple minor prospects and later round picks. Mix in this with the fact that they were able to keep alot of their core players (less Jason Pominville). The other thing to keep in mind is that they will be near the bottom of standings in line for the Lottery Pick. They have Three picks in the 1st found this years entry draft, which is considered one of the deepest in years. Getting good value for their players is what made Buffalo a winner this year.

Pittsburgh Penguins:

Well, I think we saw this one coming. I’m confused at where the penguins are finding all this cap room…? Is it a magic trick? Is Mario Lemieux just paying out of his pocket? Regardless, the Penguins were able to pick up Brendan Morrow, Jerome Iginla, Douglas Murray and Jussi Jokinen. The only notable pieces they gave up were a 2013 1st Round Pick, 2013 2nd Round Pick (aswell as another Conditional 2nd) and a couple US college prospects that may never come to fruition. The injury to Crosby is a blow, but he’ll be back for playoffs, which is all that matters. Penguins. HUGE winners.

Columbus Blue Jackets:

You read that right. The Columbus Blue Jackets. The Jackets are now lead by 1st year GM Jarmo Kekalainen, and did he ever make a splash. Enter Marian Gaborik. So, the way I look at this trade is by looking at the Rick Nash deal and the Gaborik deal as one. Essentially, CBJ was able to piece off the under performing players that has seen CBJ in the basement for so many years to NYR in return for some of there brightest young players. Ok, so these were the main pieces going in the trade..there are a couple minor prospects in there, mostly done to fill roster I didn’t include them.


Marian Gaborik

Brandon Dubinsky

Artem Anisimov

Tim Erixon

2013 First Round Pick


Rick Nash

Derek Dorsett

John Moore

Derrick Brassard

3rd Round Pick

So…when you look at it like this, it is clear that CBJ are the clear winners of this trade and were winners of the deadline. (Note** They were also able to move Steve Mason to the Goalie Graveyard in Philly..I’m  pulling for him though, gotta love the WJHC Players)

Other Winners: Minnesota aquiring Jason Pominville, St. Louis acquiring Jay Bouwmeester and Jordan Leopold


Vancouver Canucks:

I will say first that I am a fan of the Derek Roy move, I think that he will make an impact in that lineup. But, the fact that Roberto Luongo remains a Canuck makes this deadline a failure. With the Salary Cap shrinking next year, the Canucks, if they want to stay competitive cannot have 10million committed to their Goaltenders for next season. Which means, that he is going to need to be moved or bought out. The Canucks are convinced that they are in a position of power, but they are mistaken. They’re are several veteran #1 goalies that will be UFA’s this summer, meaning that Luongo, with his outrageous contract will be far down on the list in terms of options. The time to move him was now, where a team looking for a playoff push would have overpayed, now they will have to deal him in the summer for peanuts. Not a good move.

Montreal Canaidiens:

I only put the Habs in this category because alot of the other Top Eastern Conference teams made significant moves (Boston with Jagr and Pittsburgh with..EVERYONE). If the Habs think of themselves as serious contenders (which they do), they should have made a push to acquire some veteran help. On the other hand, like the Leafs, the current mix of players seems to be performing well together, so I get not wanting to mix up the chemistry. But with Boston and Pittsburgh hot on their tails, I would have thought a big move or two might have been made.

Other Losers: Boston…more so because Pittsburgh were winners (and that Bergeron went down), and the NYR because they think filling their team with Columbus Players is a good idea. (Although Brassard did play well last night)


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