Anderson Silva: What Now?

Well this certainly has been an interesting night. Anderson finally lost his title. But now we all get to instantly speculate on what happens the the greatest MMA fighter of all time (suck it GSP fans it is true). You can never count on what someone says as soon as they get knocked out, or have a tough loss. He mentioned he has 10 fights left on his contract, which now leaves Silva in a terrible position.

Silva is 38 years old right now. If you were to average 4 fights a year he will be 40 when his contract is finally up. The issue now is that Anderson is now going to be looked at the contend for other titles. Not very many people want to be hardcore athletes around his age. If he were to ask for a title shot against anyone he would be granted it almost instantly, but is that what he really wants?

He clearly wants to stop fighting, but since he has a contractual obligation he is going to do so. He claimed he does not want to fight for the title. So he is going to lurk around with his buddy Lyoto Machida and not really take opportunities to fight for titles, when they can make a good living anyways beating up worse fighters (remember when Lyoto turned down the Jon Jones fight? I DO).

The UFC will do everything in their power to prevent Silva from slacking off. They like to promote the idea of people working their butts off just to become the best. The worst thing for their whole strategy is to have the best guy become completely complacent and just stop trying. They really had issues with his work ethic before, when he was the title holder. His heart hasn’t been in the fighting game for a while. the only time I really saw him try his ass off since the James Irvin fight was when Chael fought him for the second time. We had not seen the level of energy from Anderson since then. If the UFC has any brain they will let Anderson walk.

He has nothing to fight for anymore. He has been crowned best MMA fighter of all time, unless Jon Jones doesn’t lose for like 15 more years. GSP may be the most effective fighter in the world, but as far as most terrifying and dangerous, it goes 100% to Silva. This being said Anderson does not need the fights. The UFC can now make more interesting title match-ups in Middleweight.

This fight really did not light a fire under him. It is time for a new era.


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