Amazing The NBA has always been a sports universe of its own, filled with stars who have powers beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations. Players who jump as though they can fly, super strength, super speed, or stars who seem to control the game with their mind. We’ll be covering your NBA Stars and their superhero comparisons in this ongoing column. Check it out, and welcome to the NBA Universe. Blake_Hulk

Blake Griffin as the Hulk

Some monsters aren’t created, their born and this kid has been destroying everything in his path since High School. I don’t know what kind of horrible accident occurred 24 years ago in Oklahoma but the nuclear fallout created one of the most remarkable physical specimens the NBA has seen in two decades. 6’10 260 lbs of explosive power lies quietly in the mild-mannered and soft spoken Blake Griffin but don’t make him angry… you won’t like him when he’s angry. The first victims were the New York Knicks…

There were no survivors…. Then, Kendrick Perkins was Hulk Smashed into Oblivion:

He’s 24… he’s just getting started… No one is safe

“Puny humans.”


Pat Riley as Nick Fury

“‘I am a global icon.’ You think you’re the only superstar in the league? Mr. James, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.”

It was the summer of 2010. LeBron James had just completed his greatest meltdown as a Cavalier, performing a disappearing act worthy of Houdini that enabled the Boston Celtics to dominate Games 5 and 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals and end yet another promising Cavs season. LeBron was humbled once again. Left to brood and contemplate an uncertain future.

“Why do my teammates suck so much?”

“Can I do this on my own?”

“Years later, will a doctor tell Mike Brown that he has an IQ of 48, and is what some people call mentally retarded?

Meanwhile, up in Miami, Pat Riley was staring at a tire fire of a roster. An over-matched Heat team had just been ousted in the first round, and its only star player was a free agent. So why was Pat still smiling?

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat.”

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh had all spent the majority of their careers carrying sub par talent on their collective backs. The Celtics and Spurs were like Loki or Kang the Conqueror, enemies too powerful to defeat on their own. But Wade had already seen the Pat Riley blueprint executed masterfully during his championship run: Pair one superstar with another, in this case Wade and Shaq, and you’ll always have a shot at the title. So what happens if you check the egos at the door, leave some money on the table, and put three superstars in the same dressing room? You get…



LeBron James as Captain America

“I’m loyal to nothing, General…except the dream”

LeBron James is Captain America, whether you like him or not. We don’t even have to ignore his terribly pretentious attitude for our argument sake.  Let`s face it , the Captain has been patronizing anyone who would listen since the first of the Avengers comics. If the whole world pegged you as the Chosen One when you were 14, you`d probably be full of yourself too. We dubbed him the chosen one as a high school junior, we don’t get to hate him for believing it.

Lebron does share very similar character traits as the good captain. Both started young with a lot of promise but were transformed almost overnight into the perfect physical specimens that could be imagined for their profession.  Lebron and the Captain will lead a rag-tag group to new heights (Note: the Cavs lost Boozer in the offseason and only didn’t make the playoffs on a tie breaker with the Nets), or lead a group of more skilled umm…. personnel /mercenaries.Every now and then, they both leave the group and hold their own, and win a battle…or game by themselves. I’m going to assume that you forget about this game when you make the “Lebron can’t close” argument

Can’t you see Chris Bosh walking up to Lebron on their first day as members of the Heat ala Agent Coulson and quietly asking if Lebron can sign his collectors trading cards?


Kobe Bryant as Iron Man

Come on, it makes sense. He’s German engineered with only the finest of technology holding up his knees and ankles. He is ridiculously charismatic, and whether you want to acknowledge it or not, a lot of attention centers on Kobe Bryant. Since he realized his own ability Kobe hasn’t shied from the spotlight, in fact he’s demanded it. Some may call him a genius in his field (his field being basketball) and you may be able to argue that, but he is 100% a basketball machine.

He has rebuilt himself out of the ashes of the Kobe-Shaq melodrama. The man is basically one perfectly shaped goatee away form a complete 1 to 1 comparison. His huge ego puts him in direct line of fire and does not let Kobe admit defeat on any level. The truth is…. He is Iron Man!

“Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others.”

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

Kyrie Irving as Bane

“There is a prison in a more ancient part of the world, a pit where men are thrown to suffer and die. But sometimes a man rises from the darkness.  Sometimes the pit sends something back.”

The  prison is called the Q, and  the more ancient part of the world is Cleveland. Kyrie Irving is Bane of the NBA Universe? Yes, born and raised in hell on earth, known of, but majorly ignored from the public conscience until he “put on the mask”, and proceeded to run roughshod over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Kyrie exploded for 41 points including 60 percent shooting to carry his team through a dogfight against a much stronger Knicks squad. Since then Kyrie has won the 3 point shoot out, put  on a memorable show at the Rookie/Sophomore game and his first All Star Game selection. Most importantly, at All Star weekend, Kyrie left us with this

To the rest of the league, be careful! Cleveland asked for a savior in the wake of The Decision, “Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear” Irving is on the rise and if the Eastern Conference giants stop looking over their shoulders  the NBA’s Bane will be quick to tell you.

“Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you!


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