Analysis from the Pine: Boogie Cousins is my Spirit Animal


Hello there, my name is Serge. I watch basketball. Lots of basketball. I also tweet about it and have very strong (and sometimes reasonable) opinions. Having League Pass and passion does that to you. In any case, I am hoping to make this a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/whenever-I-Have-time-ly column about all things NBA. And I mean all things.

The Magic of Boogie Cousins

I could realistically just post one thing and be done with this part, but I also kind of like Boogie Cousins as a player. I love him even more as a nut-case. It makes for some of the most entertaining Kings League Pass experience ever, all the Namaste aside (if you watch enough Kings, you know what I mean).  The beauty of Cousins is that he regularly does things like these, which makes it a fun “when will he self-destruct” bingo/drinking game.

Then of course, he does this:

In either case, what tantalizes me about the Kings big man is that he has the potential to be a top 5 big man in the league. He has good handling skills for a big as well as a post presence that is hard to replicate. In addition to that, in the modern NBA I’d say there are few with a bigger arsenal of overwhelming post moves. The way Boogie operates is what makes him an exciting watch. He’s just a crazy man looking to make crazy plays and you want him to be on your League Pass watch, trust me. Also, that team has IT2. It’s like having your cake, eating it and then going to McDonalds for some apple pie. You just can’t lose.

The Pick’N’Roll

This is where I pick some stuff for the week and we all roll with it. If that sounds confusing, it’s probably because it is.

1. Non – LeBron MVP contenders. 

Let me give you some stats.

Paul George  – 24.3PGG, .474FG%. 6.4RPG, 3.2APG, 1.9SPG

Then there’s also this:

Kevin Love – 24.6PPG, .451FG%, 13.8RBG, 4.2APG

He’s also this cool:

2. The Jazz Commentators

I would have to argue that this is the most pitiful League Pass combo. I’m sorry, they just suck. On one day I had to listen to one of them discuss Manu Ginobili as one of the best European players in the NBA (let’s ignore the fact that Manu is from Argentina). Also, let’s not forget that they put up stuff like bringing up that a young fan loves the Jazz so much he can’t stand to watch them lose:

I’m pretty sure how all Jazz fans feel at the moment. I mean, if your team’s primary scoring option is Gordon Hayward, you’re going to have a bad time. Not that I have anything against Hayward, he is what we white people call “the Great White Hope,” but he shouldn’t be a first option on a team and his FG% is a telling story of that. It’s going to be a rough year in Utah, but the shinning, Wiggins-shaped light at the end of the tunnel may serve as a small level of reassurance.

3. The New York disaster (League Pass Alert)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new born Nets fan or if you’re a die-hard Knick. This is a rough time for you. Where do we even start? I mean, remember that time the Knicks traded for Bargnani because he would be a good fit with Amare and Melo? Yeah, that’s pretty much what happens when you’re delusional. In any case, with Tyson Chandler out Knicks are suddenly realizing that maybe they need someone who is at least an adequate defender? The drama of New York is everything. I mean, they have superstar, they have JR Smith, they all have so much. Watching the Knicks is a delight. One, because you can just see Melo’s thought process about getting the hell out of the city that is about to crush his dream. Two, because Mike Woodson has a “man, I need a new job” expression about 5 times a game, and he can’t do anything because of the pitiful roster he’s working with.

The Nets are even worse. I mean, who thought that they were going to be good? Hands up. A rookie coach, an average age of… I don’t even know, average age of old. Let’s roll with that. Plumlee minutes. Linvigston minutes. Teletovic minutes. All of this adds up to a very awkward dynamic of a team that is on a very short clock and it all falls on Kidd. The news broke that he perhaps wasn’t the most qualified coach, and it seems that the PR campaign to change that is in full swing for the Nets, making them a League Pass must-watch team.

I mean, they went from this:

To this:

It can only get better.

4. Christmas Uniforms

I think the less said about the abomination, the better. I’m using too much peroxide on my eyes after every promotional commercial for these rags.

5. Portland is for real

Have you watched a Blazers game lately? A good replay value can be found in a 21 point comeback against the Warriors (the old Cinderella darling) after Andrew Bogut lost his mind and Mo-Gotti did some things too.

In any case, I digress. Portland is for real for a number of reasons.

LaMarcus Aldridge may be the best PF in the league right now not named Kevin Love (sorry LA) and he is playing like it. His 30PT + 21REB night was the first ever outburst like that since David Robinson in the early 90s. That’s a pretty exclusive club. LA has a lot of skill on and off the block, his high release jumper is hard to guard and he is terrorizing any big man who guards him. And the best part is that he works closely with possibly the most destructive second-year PG this year – Damian Lillard.

I must admit, I thought Lillard will plateau, but I was wrong. He is better at getting people off the bounce and his decision making is greatly improved. When Scotts brings both Lillard and LA on the same side of the ball. Damian destroys opposing PGs. He also has unlimited range from the three and I’ve seen him pull up from Nebraska and still make it. That’s how good his range is right now.

Couple that with Batum and Wes Matthews who are increasingly better at making 3s and playing D and you have one of the most rounded  first units in the League. Yes, they had those last year, and Batum is even more of a joy to watch all over the court whether it’s getting 3s, steals or blocks. So what’s different? Well, for one, they have a bench. The addition of Moe Williams, Dorrell Wright and T-Robb has made this team a threat even when one of the main guys takes a Gatorade breather. And that’s all before C.J. McCollum is even back. This is a team that’s ready to burst out and watching them go on runs carried by at least one of the majestic four (Lillard, LA, Batum and Wes).

Peg them into your must-watch League Pass.


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