What Would Toronto Fans Like For Terrence Ross?

Ross Cover

There is one thing that the city of Toronto is divided about more than the apparent genius of Kanye West and that is the muddled mediocrity of Terrence Ross. With us firmly into re-signing season, the Raps have a serious decision to make, and that is, what precisely is to do with the swingman.

Ross is due a sizable pay raise as his contract negotiations come into play up until Halloween and beyond and for years the Toronto camp has been divided between those who see the potential for him to finally convert his athleticism and stroke into a three and D (see shot chart below) guy in this league. Other’s however often point out his tendency to disappear on defence, get complacent around the court and generally forget he is participating in a professional sporting event.

Terrence Ross 2015 Shot Chart

So it’s time to put our hypothetical thinking caps on and decided once and for all, what would Toronto fans want to receive in return for Terrence Ross should he be moved this season.

Terrence Jones:

A Terrence for Terrence swap that could be interesting in theory but is extremely unlikely to happen in reality (unless there are multiple picks involved). Both players are on the verge of an extension that is to be determined by their play this season.

In Ross’ case, his 3 point streakiness translates into the analytics monument that Morey is trying so desperately to build in Houston. He has no reservations about hoisting it up whenever needed and dealing Jones would actually free DoMo to play as an oversized stretch 4 or a five in Dwight’s absence. Of course slotting Ross next to Harden on defence is a recipe for an unmitigated disaster and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were caught stepping out for a snack during a series of defensive possessions.

Toronto gets another big who can play both big and small ball line-ups and a good enough stroke to stretch the floor, freeing the area for JV to operate more freely. He is also aware defensively, which is an instant improvement over Ross at any position.

Vince Carter: 

This is basically a Toronto Raptors fan fiction ready to happen where the aging yet still capable Vince returns to provide Pierce-eian like guidance to a team of young (and not so much) upstarts looking to take it to the next level. At this point of his career, Vince is probably only good for about 10-12 minutes per game and his knees carry a constant risk of becoming space dusk, but sometimes that’s all you need from your veteran leader. Besides, seeing Air Canada Centre do the bike celebration would be priceless.


Some Second Rounders:

Let’s be honest, teams don’t really move first-round picks unless you waive an unfathomable reward in front of them. It takes quiet a bit to move that scale, but in the geographical locations of Morey-land and Hinkie-town second round draft assets still hold a good value for a number of players. Moving Ross to free up cap and also establish some long/short term assets would be a whole lot more useful to this team going forward.


Kevin Durant spending a week in Toronto:

Granted this already happened during the OVO bonanza, but that was like a free throw in and we now have the taste for Money Sniper touring in our city. We would gladly give up Terrence for a chance to wine and dine KD for like a week. Make sure Drake is at every party and no one mentions how Russell Westbrook kept OKC in last year’s season. You can also visibly execute Ross to let KD know, ceremonially of course, that the SF spot is here if he ever wishes to join us in Toronto.


Norm Kelly As Mayor:

If you’re not following Norm Kelly on Twitter, the quality of your life is not as good as you think it is. The man is a Toronto idol and puts on for his city daily. He is even known to support the Raptors on numerous occasions. Bottom line is, Norm is a folk hero and I would gladly pay him Ross’ salary even if that means we get no basketball-related contributions.


Extra parking space at the ACC:

It’s really tough to find parking around the ACC. The space has been taken over so many times by various things and buildings that getting to the game is a hassle. It is in many ways easier to take a 2 hour train trip than a 30 minute car ride because you will spend extra 2 hours looking for parking and mortgage out your kidney paying for it. This is the exchange that would significantly improve the fans’ enjoyment of attending Raptors games.


Sebastian Giovinco:

After joining TFC, the Italian striker has demonstrated unparalleled grit, determination, focus and offensive ability. All things that Terrence Ross lacks significantly. Sure, the first couple of weeks of explaining that the sport is played with hands and not feet would be problematic and troublesome, but after that I think he’d be able to contribute right away.


A photo of Terrence Ross:
You can put it anywhere. On the bench where he sits. In his spot in the locker room. On the defensive end where usually falls asleep or around two spots he likes to takes threes from. It could be like he never even left except with a tremendously increased efficiency.



At this point, all of the money Terrence is due seems increasingly unearned and as the city grows restless it may be time to make a tough decision and let Terrence walk unless he can prove that he holds any additional value to this team over the course of the upcoming season.


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