The Contributors of Armchair Sports

Remember the days where sports were played by real men? That magical era when basketball was still a contact sport? When Larry Bird sonned half the NBA? Yeah, we do too (so does Pepperidge Farm apparently). And we kind of miss that. So instead of whining about it between ourselves we started this “blog.” Now we can whine about it to the whole wide world through the magic of the internet.

Meet the Crew:

Alex “BamBam” S.

Once upon a time I was actually pretty damn good at this basketball thing, but now I’m the old man with the ankles that don’t work. Sitting on the sidelines on my extra large elevated chair judging players, coaches and everyone I can see.

Former OBA player and temporary CIS basketball player before severe ankle injuries. I’ve also made a recent foray into the world of Semi Professional Mexican basketball….couldn’t make that up.  Current Law undergraduate student with an interest in basketball that rivals anything you can comprehend.  Mentally I’m stuck in 1999 and as far as I’m concerned Keith Van Horn, long socks and handchecking  defenses are the greatest things that were ever lost in this sport.

Check out my Column ” Thoughts From The Green Velvet Chair”

Serge L.x

Three time NBA All-Star, two time All NBA and All NBA Defensive Team selectee, and finally a Finals and regular season MVP. And that’s all in just the first five years of my NBA 2k13 career mode.

Honestly, I think sports are kind of fun, and I miss the elder years of the league. The days of ‘Zo and The Admiral. I’ve been doing my best to survive since it became painfully obvious that those days were over. So now I just mostly watch three-four games at a time on League Pass while doing homework for my PR program and whine about how the Lakers are not as good as I thought they would be when they first got Dwight.

Michael Gray

Baseball and basketball enthusiast as well as a former baseball blogger of my beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Expect some Midwest bias in most of my writing as I’m currently a Junior at The University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! You can follow him on Twitter @Jays_Fan2 & @RaptorsProblems

Mike Diplock

I eat, sleep and love basketball. I’m a crazed basketball fan who lives in a house full of hockey fans and ball haters. So most of my nights are spent glued to my computer screen watching college ball via (much love to them!) The focus of my blogs will be on college basketball and on the up and coming talent in Canada.

Thomas Fisher

If you took Michael Jordan’s ability, Phil Jackson’s genius, and Lebron James’ physical attributes, you’d have a great basketball player but no better understanding of me or the game of basketball. Instead, read my columm: “The Couch Coach”.

Ryan Doherty
Standing at a glorious 6’3 150 lbs, I was once an imposing physical presence playing high school and club basketball. Coming out of Stratford, I learned that no matter how much more athletic a team was then us, as most were, as long as you shoot enough 3’s and sit in a zone, you have a chance to win. I tend to spend a substantial amount of my time watching college ball and bitching about NBA players I hate so you can expect a heavy dose of both. You can go ahead and ask fellow writer Alex S. who won the individual match-up when we played in club ball one time. I also once beat Toronto Raptor Quincy Acy in 2K.

Simon Bernardi

Also standing at ferocious 6’3 with a weight that fluctuates anywhere between 185-220 lbs yeah I know I’m a beast…. I have been an undersized center in a small town high school yah a 6’3 center I go hard in the paint. I am all about old school ball or as I like to call it old man game. The San Antonio spurs are how I like to think basketball should be played. I spend allot of time watching basketball and playing 2k 13. My love affair with basketball started when it completely surrounded my life at my summer job at Olympia Sports Camp and I literally played every day.  So my knowledge of the game is only from a few years of obsession. I was raised in a Hockey house and have played since I was 3 I love all most every sport!!!! @SimonBernardi

Cam Climie

Born in Calgary just after the Flames stopped being good, I turned instead to basketball, soccer, cycling, and mid-distance running, all with varying degrees of (un)success. I’m now studying international affairs in Ottawa. To compensate for my hometown teams being awful, I now cheer for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team (La Furia Roja). I’m a curmudgeonly Total Football purist, insofar as I think that Johan Cruyff is the greatest thing to ever happen to sport and long for his influence to return to my beloved Barca. I write primarily about European football – game analysis, league updates, transfer rumours, stories of bygone days – all blended with a heavy dose of snark, sarcasm, and rage. My observations about life, my man-crush on Andres Iniesta, and my intense dislike of Real Madrid can be followed on twitter at @camclimie.

Brett Vickers

Former 12th round Selection of the Sarnia Stiing in the 2008 OHL Draft, I was pegged as a “sleeper pick”. Was an early bloomer and projected NHL Star at the age of 13, still waiting for my real growth spurt to kick in. I’m a die hard Leaf fan (cue the laugh) but I live and breathe NHL hockey. I’m currently studying Communications at Wilfrid Laurier University. I will be covering everything from team reports to prospect profiles, I’m  also a big follower of junior hockey aswell, so you might see some OHL news too. I’ll do my best to keep my ‘Leafs-bias’ out of my writing…but I can’t promise you anything.


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